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The Gorilla Wins!

A World Wild Life Fund competition was run in Year 5 – Eliza W and Ava H from 5V explain what was involved:

In Year 5, we have been holding a competition to adopt an animal from the World Wild Life Fund. Each teacher chose an animal to be put up for a vote. In the end the four species were:

Lion (Ms Lee)
Polar Bear (Miss Mitchell)
Amur Leopard (Mrs Bertin)
Gorilla (Miss Vernazza)

To vote every child had to choose which animal they wanted to adopt. Each caption (on posters the pupils produced to promote their animal) had to have legible handwriting and include speech marks with a tad of humour!

Votes came in thick and fast and were stuck on to each animal poster – made by the teachers and children.

After lots of counting, it was concluded that the winner was ….

THE GORILLA!!! with 40 votes

In second place was the Amur Leopard with 30 votes. In third place was the Polar Bear with 14 votes. In fourth place was the Lion with 7 votes.

Congratulations to Miss Vernazza and Hannah M and Flynn H for their funny captions:

Hannah M: “I need my beauty sleep so leave me to put my rollers in” stated the gorilla

Flynn H: “Save me, I’m too cute to die” wails the baby gorilla

by Eliza W and Ava H

Thanks to Eliza and Ava for an excellent report


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