StanleyPrimary School

Learning with Confidence Together


At Stanley Primary School we want every child to enjoy school, develop a love of learning and achieve their potential. By the time they move into secondary education, we hope for our children to be well-rounded, confident learners, questioning and curious in their approach to their studies, prepared to take the next step in their educational life.


We offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced, fun and engaging, tailored to ensure that children have the opportunity to experience success through their time at Stanley. Our curriculum takes advantage of learning opportunities on our doorstep - such as visits to Hampton Court Palace in Y5 to align with the work on 'The Tudors'. Our curriculum also takes into account the needs of our pupils and the community which the school serves. Our cross-curriculum approach endeavours to help the children make connections between subjects to inspire them and embed their learning. English and Maths are taught daily; Science and Foundation subjects during the rest of the week. We are lucky to have an inspiring Living Classroom for outdoor learning. We organise visits, workshops, exhibitions and performances to bring our projects to life and make use of our local environment to establish memorable learning experiences.


Everything we do is underpinned by a whole-school approach to our school values, which promotes the moral and social considerations required to be a positive citizen in Britain today. We invite external visitors to lead assemblies and celebrate the diversity of our children by recognising different faith’s festivals and language assemblies to recognise out EAL children.


Our curriculum principles

  • All of our children should be literate and we teach the skills of reading and writing in a progressive and engaging way, using structure of engaging text and drama, ensuring that they can use and apply their knowledge in other subjects.
  • All of our children should be numerate. Our mastery approach to Maths ensures that children build a firm foundation of mathematical skills and are confident and successful in applying them.
  • Scientific and Technological (Computing and Design and Technology) knowledge, enquiry and exploration are important and celebrated with a STEM week
  • Geography and History explore themes and build knowledge to help us understand the society we live in. Our local context is important – with Hampton Court on our doorstep we study The Tudors and the Thames for geography.
  • Music and PE are taught by specialist teachers in KS2 and children have the opportunity to celebrate their expertise through singing festivals and choirs; sports competitions and leagues.
  • Art is integral to projects and celebrated with an annual Arts exhibition
  • RE ensures that our children have an understanding of different faiths
  • Our School Values are embedded in our whole school approach, threaded through assemblies and the wider curriculum. Our pupils take part in planned activities which demonstrate their actions towards our school values. A simple example of our school value of 'responsibility' is taking responsibility through School Council or helping out in the office as an office messenger.


For information regarding what your child is learning about in their year group, please visit the 'Year Groups' section on the homepage. If you have any queries about the curriculum, please contact your child's year group leader.