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Learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience in preparation for future life. A language is also studied at secondary school and many children continue with French or learn Spanish or German.

French is taught in all KS2 classes in a lively and interactive environment. Children are taught to communicate mainly through the language skills of listening and speaking, with reading and writing and grammar becoming an increasing focus in years 5 & 6. They practise pronouncing and spelling new words, learn key grammatical structures and begin to recognize patterns in language.

We use a scheme called “Ma Petite Grammaire” for some simple grammar practise, and a series called “stories with Luc et Sophie” which are a fiction texts on a variety of topics leading to writing and improved pronunciation when reading.  We do role-play activities to use phrases and vocabulary we have learnt, for example; a Café in year 5, a pet survey in year 4, and a weather report in year 6. In year three we draw a pencil case and label it with colours and objects.

We also aim to increase the knowledge and cultural understanding of students using new non-fiction reading books on various topics linked to the class themes, for example, “Des animaux importants”, “Bon Appétit”, “C’est ça, Paris!” and some film clips.

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