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Learning with Confidence Together


Explore the richness of Stanley Primary School's modern foreign language program! Rooted in engaging, structured six-week blocks on topics such as At the Cafe, Habitats, The Olympics, The Weather and Presenting Myself, our French curriculum utilizes the three pillars of language learning: phonics, grammar, and vocabulary. Lessons are designed to gradually build children's knowledge through immersive experiences in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and translation activities.


Elevate your child's language acquisition journey with Glurbs, a free app offering valuable at-home support for each lesson - available here.


Join us in fostering a global perspective through the joy of comprehensive language learning!

We have limited Preschool places available for September 2024, to register your interest go to About Us / Admissions * * * * * If you have a safeguarding concern about a child please contact the Single Point of Access on 020 8547 5008