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Housekeeping information

Some useful pieces of information for the parents of our Pre-School children:


Clothes and uniform

  • We have no uniform requirements for children in Pre-School, but please be mindful that children need safe shoes to climb, run, play and splash in! You might also like to bring wellington boots on wet days for children to squelch in mud or walk on grassy verges

  • Children should bring a coat to school - they will be given free choice to access the outdoors, all-weathers

  • Some of our Pre-School parents have asked if their children can wear school uniform sweatshirts and polo-shirts. We are happy for parents to do this if they choose. This is great if it helps our children to feel a part of our school.


Entrance and exits to Pre-School:

  • Pre-School children should come into school via the Early Years entrance (double gate closest to Stanley Road)

  • Morning Pre-School starts at 08.45 and the gate will be open at 08.40. The gate will be opened again at 11.45 for parents to collect children

  • Afternoon Pre-School starts at 12.30 and the gate will be open at 12.25. The gate will be opened again, ready for children to be collected at 15.30

  • If children arrive late, parents should ring the bell on the gate, which also leads to the entrance of the Sunflower Centre, and Pre-School staff will come to let them in.


Punctuality and attendance

  • Punctuality to Pre-School sessions is important. We do not want children to miss out on a thing! They might miss out on an exciting experience or important information. We also know that children who arrive late to Pre-School feel ‘out of sorts’ and uncomfortable, and this can impact how they feel for the whole session

  • Please contact the school office (020 8977 4858) if your child is not able to attend Pre-School.


Change of collection arrangements or emergencies

Please let the school office know if a different adult will be collecting your child at the end of the day, if you (or the person you have asked to collect your child) is likely to be late collecting, or there are any other changes to the usual end of school arrangements.


Specific needs or additional support

If you have any concerns for your child, or want to share information you think will support the Pre-School team as they care for your child, please do not hesitate to come and speak to the staff, or make contact with our school SENCO (contact via the school office).

Stanley Primary School, Strathmore Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8UH

Tel: 020 8977 4858