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Peartree Centre

The Peartree Centre is a Specialist Resource Provision for children with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). Every child who attends the Peartree Centre and their families are part of the Stanley Primary School community. Our school moto is ‘Learning with Confidence Together’ and we apply this to the children in Peartree as they learn within the centre and across the wider school.  


Our Setting

The Peartree Centre has 18 places for children aged 4 – 11 with ASC.

Sandpiper Class caters for children in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, there are eight pupils who are supported with one teacher and four teaching assistants. Heron and Redwing Classes cater for our Key Stage 2 children and each are supported with one teacher and two teaching assistants. All staff are caring and patient towards the children and receive the necessary training to enable them to support and teach children with autism effectively. Teaching staff and our Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist work closely together to develop a holistic therapeutic approach.  We follow and develop the centre adhering to the SCERTS Model, SPELL Framework (National Autistic Society) and the Autism Education Trust Standards and Frameworks.


Our Curriculum

Teaching staff deliver differentiated lessons based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and National Curriculum ensuring each child’s learning is appropriate for them and has suitable challenge within it. Along with English and Maths lessons we teach PSHE, Science, History, Geography, Physical Education, Religious Education, Design and Technology, Art and Music. This ensures the children learn skills across the breadth of the curriculum, we develop their individual strengths and enables opportunities for inclusion within their mainstream class. The length or frequency of these lessons in Peartree are less than our mainstream setting as we place a greater emphasis on developing each child’s ‘Social Communication’, ‘Emotional Regulation’, ‘Play and Interaction’ and ‘Independence and Community’ skills through targets outlined in their termly Individual Education Plan. These areas are at the heart of our curriculum and are intrinsic to all learning opportunities.


We believe that:

  • Each child should be nurtured and feel part of a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Learning and relationship building takes place best within natural routines and engaging activities.
  • All children should develop spontaneous and functional communication as well as ways to understand and regulate their emotions and sensory state.
  • All children should be given the opportunities to develop their play skills to support them taking pleasure in social relationships and progress their problem-solving abilities.
  • We need to encourage independence so all children achieve their potential and in order to improve the children’s and families’ quality of life.
  • All behaviour has a purpose and we need to find the reason for a behaviour in order to put appropriate supports in place.
  • It is imperative to listen to the views of our pupils and attempt to understand their experience of the world.
  • Family members are experts about their child and we will listen and collaborate with them to ensure the best outcomes for the child.

As part of the school community, our children have opportunities for inclusion within Stanley Primary School. Inclusion is organised on an individualised basis and will be different for each child based on their needs, interests and strengths.



Children who attend Peartree have an Education, Health and Care Plan and a diagnosis of autism.

Admission is decided by Achieving For Children though their Panel Meetings. We do not operate with a waiting list.



We offer a tour of the Peartree Centre every half term. Please contact the school’s office (020 89774858) to arrange a visit.

Stanley Primary School, Strathmore Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8UH

Tel: 020 8977 4858