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How are children identified as having SEND at Stanley Primary School?

  • At Stanley Primary School, we formally monitor the progress of all pupils 3 times a year at Progress Review Meetings. Class teachers/subject leaders are responsible for monitoring progress. We also have two SEND reviews per year where Year Leaders and teachers work to identify children who may be struggling at school, for the attention of the SENDCO.


  • We use a range of assessments with all the pupils at various points e.g. EYFS profile assessments, Y1 phonics screening, end of KS1/2 assessment and PIRA reading assessments.


  • Where progress is not sufficient, even if special educational need has not been identified, we put in place extra support to enable the pupil to catch up.


  • Some pupils may continue to make insufficient progress, despite additional support and/or adjustments to teaching.  For these pupils, and in consultation with parents, we will use further assessment tools to determine possible reasons for the relative difficulty.


  • The purpose of further assessment is to understand what additional resources and different approaches are required to enable the pupil to make better progress.  These will be shared with parents, put into a SEND Support Plan and reviewed regularly (Assess-Plan-Do-Review Cycle), and refined /amended if necessary.  At this point, we will have identified that the pupil has a special educational need because the school is making special educational provision for the pupil, which is additional and different to what is normally available. 


  • If the pupil is able to make good progress using this additional and more specialised resource (but would not be able to maintain this good progress without it) we will continue to identify the pupil as having a special educational need.


  • If the pupil is able to maintain good progress without the additional and different resources, he or she will not be identified with a special educational need.


  • We will ensure that all teachers and support staff who work with the pupil are aware of the support to be provided and the teaching approaches to be used. This will be recorded on The SEND Support Plan.
End of Spring Term is Thursday 28 March and school finishes at 14.00 * * * * * If you have a safeguarding concern about a child please contact the Single Point of Access on 020 8547 5008