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Secondary Transfer

Secondary Transfer

For the most recent information regarding secondary transfer to London Borough of Richmond Schools, please refer to the Admissions section of the Local Authority website, https://www.richmond.gov.uk/secondary_school_admissions  For out of borough schools please contact the schools directly. 


An information leaflet has been produced for Year 6 parents by Richmond Borough outlining details of the September 2020 transfer to secondary school.


Follow this link to view this important information: Richmond parents 

The leaflet also contains links to the Admission to Richmond’s Secondary Schools brochure which you can find on the Richmond Borough website:



and a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the same website:



Parents of children in Year 6 need to be aware of key dates and timescales as well as the online application process.


From Thursday 26 September to Wednesday 16 October 2019:  Secondary School Open Events – check for specific schools dates via leaflet link.

Friday 25 October 2019: Recommended date for parents to have submitted their applications - before half term (28 October – 1 November)

Wednesday 31 October: Closing date for applications – please note this is during the half-term break.

Monday 2 March 2020: Emails sent with results of application/outcome letters to parents

Monday 16 March 2020: Deadline for acceptance/refusals



If you have any queries about the process after the brochure and leaflet please contact the Headteacher.



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