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External Clubs


Due to the current partial closure of the school Spring term clubs are cancelled up to half term (w/c 15 February) 


We will make a decision on what may be possible after half term as and when we have further information and guidance. 

Refunds for School-run clubs will be made once a decision has been made regarding the second half of the Spring term. If you would like to cancel your child’s place on a School-run club before this please email clubs@stanley.richmond.sch.uk with your request and bank details.


External clubs will deal with you directly concerning their clubs.


Some External clubs are running remote sessions

Details below - please contact the clubs directly 

Boundless Dance

KS2 Stanley Primary Dance Club (only children who attend Stanley can sign up), runs every Thursday online from 3.45pm-4.25pm with the lovely Georgia. We are also running an extensive Community Dance and Drama programme online too. This can be found at www.boundlessarts.co.uk/dance-drama-class-timetable-jan-20

To sign up to any of our classes please email info@boundlessarts.co.uk and we will be able to assist you. 


Click Photography

Click Photography's Year 6 Club is on Friday afternoons and starts online on Jan 22nd. We hope to continue in school when conditions allow. Lessons are from 3.30-4.30pm and the term fee is £75 

The spring term is exciting and fun. Topics include Alphabetography, Stop Motion, Light Painting, The Oscars, Ghosts, Self Portrait and when we are together again we'll visit Teddington Lock and photograph baby chicks 

Full details and bookings on clickphotographyworkshops.com


Cooking 4 Kids With a Spoonful of Science info@cooking4kids.co.uk – 07832 744 846 – www.cooking4kids.co.uk

Cooking 4 Kids with a Spoonful of Science aims to ignite a passion for healthy cooking from childhood, coupled with a "spoonful of science".  Every lesson includes fun hands-on experiments to explain some of the science behind the week’s recipe, a great way to introduce your child to science in their everyday life.  Recipes include breakfast bars, fishcakes, pasta bakes; all packed with fruit and veg and no added salt and sugar whenever possible. 

Home lesson kits include all the pre-weighed ingredients, any specialist equipment needed for the science experiment and a link to a pre-recorded video lesson so that you can follow along with the recipe and science experiment at a time that suits you.

Kits cost £10 (or £11 if you would like double ingredients if a sibling would like to join) and are delivered every Friday, please order by the Wednesday evening.  One off orders welcome, no need to commit to a full term!

For more information or to order: call or WhatsApp 07832 744846 or email info@cooking4kids.co.uk


Karate - Pee-Wee & Funakoshi

Let's Keep Fit!

Learn new skills that will keep you physically, mentally and emotionally fit!

FSKA and Pee-Wee karate are offering karate Zoom clases live but virtually.

Please contact us directly on info@fskauk.co.uk to find a suitable class on weekdays or on Saturdays.

Lunch time Pee-Wee is for Reception to Year 2

Afternoon/evening sessions are for Year 3 and above.


Sewing - Pins & Needles

Pins & Needles are now online!

We offer live, interactive sewing lessons for children of all abilities, including a Beginners' Sewing Club. 

Half Term (15-20 February) online Sewing Workshops will also be available (see flyer below)

 Visit www.pinsandneedles.club/online for more details or email Michele at info@pinsandneedles.club


Wakamatsu Soroban (Maths) Club is running online Soroban lessons.

It's £9 per lesson (30 minutes) on Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri. The lessons are held between 16:00-16:30, 16:40-17:10 and 17:20-17:50. Please contact tomoko.hoult@gmail.com for more information.





Session Dates: w/c Monday 11 January – w/c Monday 22 March 2021 – clubs run for 10 weeks

Half term: 15-19 February 2021


We are pleased to be able to welcome back some of your favourite External Clubs – due to COVID-19 practices in school these clubs will be running sessions for one year group only.


All External clubs bookings and payments should be made directly to the individual club.


Detailed below are the External clubs that are available on particular days and what Year Group that club session is open to


Day Time Year Group  Club Name
Monday Lunch 3 Wakamatsu Soroban Maths
  Lunch 1 Sewing
  Lunch 2 Pee-wee Karate
  After-school 3 Tag Rugby
  After-school 2 Mother Nature Science
  After-school 4 Funakoshi Karate
  After-school 6 Tennis
Tuesday Lunch 2 Sewing 
  After-school 5 Tennis
  After-school 6 Cooking4Kids
  After-school 4 Sewing
  After-school 1 Tag Rugby
Wednesday Lunch R Tag Rugby
  Lunch 2 Sewing
  After-school 5 Funakoshi Karate
  After-school 3 Sewing
  After-school 1 Samba Soccer
  After-school 3 Tennis
  After-school 6 TBC Basketball
Thursday Lunch 2 Wakamatsu Soroban Maths
  Lunch 4 Enspire Drama
  After-school 6 Sewing
  After-school 5 Boundless Dance
  After-school 2 Samba Soccer 
Friday Lunch 2 Tag Rugby
  Lunch 1 Music Makers
  Lunch R Pee-wee Karate
  After-school 2 Enspire Drama
  After-school 4 Tennis
  After-school 6 Click Photography
  After-school 5 Basketball
  After-school 5 Sewing


External Club details

Including how to book - page down for further details in Club flyers provided by some of the External Clubs

  • Basketball (Years 5 & 6) - Richmond Knights - 020 8797 0477 - Office@KnightsBasketball.co.uk
    Richmond Knights experienced coaches provide basketball lessons to children in Years 5 & 6 at Stanley.
    NB - We are waiting to hear from Richmond Knights if the Year 6 session on Wednesday can go ahead 
    For further information and to book visit: http://rkbc.co.uk/schools/bookings/
  • Boundless Dance (Year 5) - Lee Harvey Robinson - 07951 305935 

    Boundless Dance Club offers fun and dynamic sessions which are delivered in a relaxed setting where creativity and individuality comes to life. We pride ourselves on offering a very personal and friendly class to all abilities. We focus on developing your child's rhythmic ability, confidence, motor skills and more. Whether your child is new to the Arts or has plenty of experience please sign them up for a fun and enjoyable time with Boundless. This class will be taught by Georgia and will need a minimum of 10 students to be able to run.
    To sign up please visit www.boundlessarts.co.uk where you will find our school clubs listing and more information. Please follow the link for the Stanley Club and complete the registration form. Once a form is completed we will confirm your child’s place by email. Any questions please email info@boundlessarts.co.uk.

  • Click Photography (Year 6) - clickschools@gmail.com
    Spring term photography with Click is exciting and stimulating. Highlights include a studio session with 3 day old baby Chicks and our very own red carpet Oscar session. Other topics include Film Making, Red Carpet, Blossom, Self-Timer Selfie, Muybridge, and a double session to Teddington Lock.  
    To sign up visit 
  • Cooking 4 Kids With a Spoonful of Science (Year 6) - info@cooking4kids.co.uk  – 07832 744 846 – www.cooking4kids.co.uk ..
    Cooking 4 Kids with a Spoonful of Science aims to ignite a passion for healthy cooking from childhood, coupled with a "spoonful of science".  Every lesson includes fun hands-on experiments to explain some of the science behind the week’s recipe, a great way to introduce your child to science in their everyday life. Recipes include breakfast bars, fishcakes, pasta bakes; all packed with fruit and veg and no added salt and sugar whenever possible. At the end of each class your child will take away a healthy dish to be cooked in the oven at home....perfect for their dinner! 
    For more information or to book your place please email or call: info@cooking4kids.co.uk or 07832 744 846.  Each child will have an individual workstation and equipment and only 8 places available to ensure social distancing. 
  • Enspire Drama (LAMDA) (Year 2 & 4) - Tim Ryan - 07725 876603 - tim@enspireclubs.com - www.enspireclubs.com

    Enspire Drama (LAMDA) is a club for both boys and girls.
    Drama is lots of fun and builds confidence, communication skills, initiative, teamwork, compromise, perseverance and respect – all vital life skills, whatever your chosen path.
    To book, please contact: tim@enspireclubs.com or call Tim Ryan on 07725 876 603

  • Karate (Pee-Wee - Reception & Year 2 and Funakoshi - Years 4 & 5) - Anita - 020 8940 6723 or 07546 961462 - anita4karate@gmail.com - http://fskauk.co.uk/
    Pee Wee Karate teaches basic karate techniques in a relaxed, fun and safe environment. The classes include exercises and games that teach children coordination, balance, control and simple stretching.

    Funakoshi Karate is designed to improve focus and increase self-esteem, self-discipline, calmness and a more positive attitude towards life.

    For further information, contact Anita on 07546 961462 or 020 8940 6723 (mornings only), by email anita4karate@gmail.com or to book visit: For Pee-Weewww.fskauk.co.uk/registration-peewee and for Funakoshi www.fskauk.co.uk/registration-fska


  • Mother Nature Science Club (Year 2) - info@mnature.co.uk - 020 8863 8832 - https://www.mnature.co.uk/
    The Mother Nature Science Club allows children to explore, investigate and discover the core subject ‘Science’ in a stimulating learning environment. It allows pupils to work together and explore many different ideas and activities. Activities involve practical experiments, investigation, discussion and reflection. Most of all, they are designed to be fun.
    Book online: https://www.mnature.co.uk/school-science-club/#book 

  • Music Makers (Year 1) - Alice Dallosso via Richmond Music Trust - 020 8538 3866 - http://www.richmondmusictrust.org.uk/

    Music Makers is a fun and constructive introductory music activity for Year 1 children. Acting as the earliest stage of Richmond Music Trust's instrumental music tuition, Music Makers expands children's understanding of music through enjoyable activities. These include singing, musical games, body percussion, playing pitched and unpitched percussion instruments and beginning to learn music theory. The lessons develop children's listening and ensemble skills as well as performing confidence. 

    For more information and to register visit https://www.richmondmusictrust.org.uk/site/schools/music-makers/

  • Samba Soccer (Years 1 & 2) - David Brown - application via this link

    Coach David Brown runs Samba Soccer for Year 1 on Wednesday Year 2 on Thursday . The sessions are targeted at the children’s age and skill levels and involve fun routines and games that develop soccer skills and teamwork.

    To book a place click herehttps://forms.gle/MwPnWiCfVXRhvWDC9 
  • Sewing – Pins & Needles (Years 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) - Michele Hall -  info@pinsandneedles.club     
    Our weekly sessions teach boys and girls the basics of sewing while giving every child that amazing “I made this!” feeling when they return home with their very own creations. Sewing improves concentration, hand-to-eye co-ordination and problem-solving skills. In a fun environment that promotes calm play and mindfulness, we encourage your child to express their creativity and individuality. Beginners welcome!
    Visit our website to book and find out more: www.pinsandneedles.club/stanleyprimary or email info@pinsandneedles.club 

  • Tag Rugby - Rugbyruggers (Reception, Years 1, 2 & 3) - Ian Glover - 07969 170078 - rugbyruggers.stanley@gmail.com
    Rugbyruggers teaches tag rugby to children and is run by Ian Glover, an RFU/ RFL qualified coach with over 15 years’ experience. 
    For further information, contact Ian Glover on 07969 170078, rugbyruggers.stanley@gmail.com and to book a place complete and return the Tag Rugby flyer below for your child's year.

  • Tennis (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) - Tennis England - 0800 043 0707 - www.englandsportsgroup.com

    Tennis England offer a fantastic first experience of tennis for children - for the first-timers, basic tennis and co-ordination skills are learnt, and for the more experienced players there more technical and tactical coaching and matchplay. All sessions are delivered in a fun environment by enthusiastic coaches.  For further information, contact England Sports Group on 0800 0430707. 

    To secure your child’s place please visit www.englandsportsgroup.com and under Schools –Book Now, choose the School and in Term choose Spring Term C1 2021 to make a booking online.
  • Wakamatsu Soroban (Maths) Club (Years 2 & 3) - Tomoko Hoult - tomoko.hoult@gmail.com - www.wakamatsu-soroban.co.uk

    The Soroban is the Japanese abacus and will be used in this club. The Soroban enables you to add, subtract, multiply and divide much faster and more confidently than you can with a paper and pencil. It is part of the Japanese national maths curriculum and used in several other nations that achieve high numeracy levels.

    For more details, contact Tomoko Hoult - tomoko.hoult@gmail.com or visit www.wakamatsu-soroban.co.uk 

External Clubs Flyers

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