StanleyPrimary School

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School Hours

The School Day

The school day starts at 08.50 for all pupils except part-time Pre-School children who will start at 08.45 for the morning session/12.30 for the afternoon session. A member of Premises and/or Senior Leadership staff will be on duty at the school gates at the beginning and end of every school day. Once the gates have been locked, all access to the school is via the school office situated in the Welcome Courtyard. Children who arrive late should report to the office to ensure that they are signed in for the day.


Pre-School children – Early Years Entrance

Pre-School children should come into school via the Early Years entrance.

  • Morning Pre-School starts at 08.45 and the gate will be open at 08.40. The gate will be opened again at 11.45 for parents to collect children.
  • Afternoon Pre-School starts at 12.30 and the gate will be open at 12.25.


If children arrive late, parents should ring the bell on the gate and Pre-School staff will come to let them in.


Reception and Year 1 children – Early Years Entrance

The Early Years gate will be opened at 08.40 and children should be taken to their classroom by a parent/carer who will wait with them until a member of staff opens the classroom at 08.50.


Year 2 – 6 Children – Connection Courtyard Entrance

The gate to the Connection Courtyard will be opened at 08.30. Children should arrive in class between 08.40 and 08.50 where a member of staff will be there to meet them. Children arriving before 08.40 will be supervised by a member of staff in the courtyard.



   Morning session   

   Afternoon session   


   08.45 – 11.45

   12:30 – 15.30

   Reception, Y1-Y2   

   08:50 – 11:45

   12:45 – 15:15


   08:50 – 12:00

   13:00 – 15:20




   10.10 – 10.25   

   14.20 – 14.35


   10:25 – 10:40

   14:00 – 14:15


   10:50 – 11:10

   No afternoon play   



   Reception, Y1-Y2   

   11.45 – 12.45   


   12.10 – 13.10


Getting to School

To get to and from school, walking is definitely the best option! If you do need to travel by car, please park wisely.


Collection at the End of the Day

The gates will be open from 15.10.


Pre-School, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children

Parents should collect children from the classroom doors.


Year 3 and Year 4 children

Year 3 children will be brought to the Hub Courtyard by their teachers.

Year 4 children will be dismissed from their classrooms and should be met in the Hub Courtyard.


Year 5 and Year 6 children

Children will be dismissed from their classrooms and should be collected from under the canopy outside the Field Block or the Connection Corridor.


Change of Collection Arrangements or Emergencies

For the safety of our children, parents should let the school office know if a different adult will be collecting their child at the end of the day, if they are likely to be late collecting their child or there are any other changes to the usual end of school arrangements.

We have limited Preschool places available for September 2024, to register your interest go to About Us / Admissions * * * * * If you have a safeguarding concern about a child please contact the Single Point of Access on 020 8547 5008