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Some familiar faces at Stanley Primary have been reading their favourite stories for you - just click on the links below, sit back and enjoy!


Revolting Rhymes (Ms Leney):  https://youtu.be/tkICFwMRgLg 


Put Me in the Zoo (Ms Leney):  https://youtu.be/tMXIZ4ZeX_k


Mole’s in Love (Ms Brown): https://youtu.be/qeEfRg6A2CY


Room on the Broom (Ms Brown): https://youtu.be/5RSuVuTRXSE


The Princess and the Present (Ms Brown): https://youtu.be/NE2ptSVs7RU


What the Ladybird heard (Mrs Day): https://youtu.be/Zg2YeWZbgXo


What the Ladybird heard on Holiday (Mrs Day): https://youtu.be/0tJeFyzl3Us


Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book (Mr Foss-Smith): https://youtu.be/PWcMZj8_7Dk


Superworm (Mr Foss-Smith): https://youtu.be/vghjTwy4Kj0


A Squash and a Squeeze (Mr Foss-Smith): https://youtu.be/fgRE4ZN_nC0


Room on the Broom (Mr Foss-Smith): https://youtu.be/L4SWs-x2dw8


Snail and the Whale (Mr Foss-Smith): https://youtu.be/flZ8pRTN9pw


Detective Dog (Ms Brown):  https://youtu.be/joUDOjT3cxM


The Song of Kauri (Mrs Salter):  https://youtu.be/niGUgpTnz2g


Mr Wolf's Pancakes (Ms Brown): https://youtu.be/oLl3fDM19JI


Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Diary (Ms Chapman): https://youtu.be/sJivBO2cf4U


Charlie & Lola - But I do know all about Chocolate (Ms Tuohy):  https://youtu.be/891e_SDtBNA


The Day the Crayons Came Home (Ms Bertin): https://youtu.be/VBzaBShb9vo


The Bugliest Bug (Mr Foss-Smith):  https://youtu.be/BwticWiiMVk


The Monkey with the Bright Blue Bottom (Ms Brown): https://youtu.be/HFIyDscQuS8


The Slightly Annoying Elephant (Ms Brown):  https://youtu.be/vNmdvs3f0SI


No Bot - The Robot with no Bottom (Ms Leask): https://youtu.be/RjYFqhQVSH4


The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water (Mr Hawley): https://youtu.be/-GyAs8khO2Q


Aliens Love Underpants (Ms Fairclough): https://youtu.be/t9pNoTY1mbQ


Burglar Bill (Ms Matthews): https://youtu.be/dR1dz5U2fsE


Please Mrs Butler (Ms Matthews): https://youtu.be/-UnYQheWfaE


Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants (Ms Matthews): https://youtu.be/T6sro90hiOM


Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble (Mrs Day): https://youtu.be/1cvfrRXA4z0


The Shark in the Dark (Mrs Day): https://youtu.be/MjGOxkNLH_Y


Oi Frog (Mr Foss-Smith): https://youtu.be/46xclp_xiZw


Time to Sleep, You Crazy Sheep (Ms Fairclough): https://youtu.be/Gryk1wUosUE


The Queen's Knickers (Ms Ringland): https://youtu.be/BCZKdtVSiSg


Are you my mother? (Ms Leney): https://youtu.be/NTB2MbaeAuQ


Lost and Found (Ms Costello): https://youtu.be/8uBjLdtS2Ks


The Pirate Cruncher (Ms Matthews): https://youtu.be/4RWNkFRhshc


The Selfish Crocodile (Ms Harris): https://youtu.be/_5CEwMMaWJ4








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