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We aim to provide a supportive, stimulating and secure environment where children are encouraged to express themselves and where their contributions are valued.


We will provide for the language development of pupils, developing their ability to use language to:

  • think
  • explore
  • hear the voice of others
  • communicate ideas
  • and importantly, for enjoyment (!) 


The three aspects of the English Curriculum:


1. Spoken language

We will enable pupils to express and communicate meaning in spoken language, listening to and interpreting what others say and matching style and response to audience, context and purpose.


2. Reading

We will provide pupils with a range of relevant and purposeful opportunities to develop their ability to read, understand and engage with various types of text for enjoyment and learning. Children will learn to decode (the act of seeing and speaking the words) and to comprehend (the ability to navigate and understand) a range of texts. Children will also learn to recite poems and rhymes.


To encourage and emphasise reading for enjoyment we run the Stanley GLOW (Great Love Of Words) programme. Please see the link below.


3. Writing

We will enable children to communicate using written language effectively, making and shaping texts appropriately, according to context, purpose, reader or audience. Children will develop skills in both transcription (handwriting, spelling, punctuation) and composition (knowing how ideas, imagination, grammar and structure can be manipulated to enforce the purpose, and impact the audience of, a text).




Stanley Primary School, Strathmore Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8UH

Tel: 020 8977 4858