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Sleepover for Year 1 and 2

Friday 31 January was the night of one of the events all Stanley pupils remember - the Year 1 and 2 Sleepover.


Over 80 Year 1 and 2 children met in the Hall on Friday evening accompanied by a wide range of cuddly toys! They were soon enjoying a variety of activities including karaoke, watching films, Lego and Art. They then had a pizza supper before settling down to sleep (the excitement may have meant there was not much sleep for some ... but they caught up on that at home on Saturday!).


After breakfast parents arrived to take their children home and hear about what was a very special event. As one reported: "Mummy the sleepover was literally the best thing I've ever done, I wish I could do it every week!"


Teachers and other helpers thoroughly enjoy the sleepover too, especially as the children are so good ... but there are no plans to have a sleepover every week!


Thank you to all the children, teachers and helpers who made this a very enjoyable, special and memorable night.


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