Good luck and very best wishes to our amazing Year 6 children as you leave Stanley. Your futures are bright! #StanleyStars 🌟 💕🌟🍀🌟

StanleyPrimary School

Learning with Confidence Together

Launch of 'Courage' value

As part of our values education project, the second value for this term, which was launched on Monday 13 October 2014, is ‘Courage’. Some examples of behaviours that demonstrate this value are:


- willingness to have a go

- demonstrating an inner confidence about self and what is important 

- having confidence to do something challenging 

- facing a fear or phobia

- not being afraid to make mistakes, and seeing mistakes as a way of learning

- showing resilience - bouncing back after making a mistake

- standing firm by one’s own faith, beliefs or courage of conviction

- choosing to stand up for others, even if it makes you unpopular

- being able to make up your own mind and not be swayed by pressure from others/ peer-pressure

- refusing to be involved in bullying 


Please could you discuss ‘Courage’ with children at home, and explore ways to reinforce it. Each week 
we will give special certificates to those children who demonstrate good values, and these will be 
displayed in the office reception area. Please feel free to come and look at them!