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Hold Still and Word Art from Year 4

Year 4 have been very creative around a Lockdown theme with two specific projects Hold Still and Word Art.


The National Portrait Gallery had a project called Hold Still, a portrait of our nation in 2020. People were asked to send in photographs of what life was like during lockdown.


Some Year 4’s Hold Still photos representing Lockdown can be seen below illustrating what activities we have been doing and our favourite places.


The first photograph is titled Caged Animals and this is how Jack explained it:


‘It shows me ‘locked’ in a cage, which represents lockdown and having to stay at home. It shows me doing my school work but also having fun with my new puppy, Koda’


They have also produced some impressive Word Art, also in the slideshow below, to illustrate some of their memories of lockdown.


Great work Year 4!

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