StanleyPrimary School

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Children run the school

In the last week of term we had a ‘Children run the school day’ … and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Here are some of the Teachers comments on the day:


They learnt how tough it is to get people to listen.

The children benefitted from using their initiative, being given responsibility; having their organisational skills and understanding what it is like to be a teacher. Hopefully having empathy as a result.

The children really appreciated the opportunity to plan and deliver own lessons.

Really good for organisation and planning. Taking responsibility. The children also really enjoyed it.

The children enjoyed the whole day and were able to reflect on what went well and how their lessons could be improved if they taught them again.

A very valuable day indeed. The children learnt they really needed to think about instructions to make the learning clear. All remembered their WALT and assessments at the end of the lesson using their thumbs.

It gave the class a chance to see what it would be like to be a teacher.

It was a lot of fun, we learnt new things.

It gave the opportunity for children who normally don't like speaking out in front of the class

A lovely experience for the class

The children definitely enjoyed it. It is tricky to keep Y6 focus send at this time of year but they managed it!!


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