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How will the teaching be adapted for my child with SEN/D?

  • ‘Special educational provision is underpinned by high quality teaching and is compromised by anything less’ (SEN/D CoP, 2014)
  • At Stanley Primary School we strive to remove barriers to learning and set ambitious targets and high expectations for all pupils.
  • Class Teachers plan lessons according to the specific needs of all groups of children in their class and will ensure that your child’s needs are met
  • Specially trained support staff can adapt the teachers planning to support the needs of your child where necessary. This will be done under the guidance of the SENCo/Inclusion Leader
  • Specific resources and strategies will be used to support your child. This might include the use of additional resources such as ICT equipment, and will be advised and supported by the SENCo/Inclusion Leader and other relevant professionals, such as Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapists.
  • Planning and teaching will be adapted on a daily basis if needed to meet your child’s learning needs.

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