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How is extra support allocated to children with SEN/D?

  • The school budget, received from Richmond Local Authority, includes money for supporting children with SEN/D. This is known as ‘notional SEN funding’.
  • The Governors in consultation with the Leadership Team decides on the allocated budget for Special Educational Needs, on the basis of needs in the school
  • The Head Teacher and the SENCo/Inclusion Leader discuss all the information they have about SEN/D in the school, including:

a) The children getting extra support already

  b) The children needing extra support

  c) The children who have been identified as not making as much progress as would be expected

  d) The Head Teacher and SENCo/Inclusion Leader decide what resources, training and support is needed via a Provision Map

  • All resources, training and support are reviewed termly by the Head Teacher and SENCo/Inclusion Leader and changes made as needed

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