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How is extra support allocated to children with SEN/D?

  • The school budget, received from Richmond Local Authority, includes money for supporting children with SEN/D. This is known as ‘notional SEN funding’.
  • The Governors, in consultation with the Leadership Team, decides on the allocated budget for Special Educational Needs, on the basis of needs in the school
  • The Head Teacher and the SENDCO discuss all the information they have about SEN/D in the school, including:
    • The children getting extra support already
    • The children needing extra support
    • The children who have been identified as not making as much progress as would be expected
    • The Head Teacher and SENDCO decide what resources, training and support is needed via a Provision Map
  • All resources, training and support are reviewed termly by the Head Teacher and SENDCO and changes made as needed

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