Enjoy the Half Term break, everyone, and we look forward to welcoming you back at the usual time on Monday 6 June

StanleyPrimary School

Learning with Confidence Together

Values Education Project

Our values education project involves teaching the children 8 values throughout the year, and having a rewards system to praise those children who adhere to these values. The values are: Aspiration, Cooperation, Courage, Gentleness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Tolerance. Each week we are giving special certificates to those children who demonstrate good values, and these will be displayed in the office reception area. Please feel free to come and look at them! 


Through the teaching of Stanley Values, we reflect the multi-ethnic and inclusive nature of the school community and also promote British Values to prepare children for life in modern Britain. Examples of this include teaching about democracy through the School Council; teaching about British history through the observance of a minute’s silence on Remembrance Day; teaching about a range of comparative religions; and marking a range of festivals in assemblies.