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   Posted on 22nd October  



    Felix said “We were making a bridge with cross supports to hold it up. It had to strong enough for the Big Billy Goat Gruff to go across.”


    Jun said “We have been learning to skip with hoops and we are amazing!”


    Dan said “We were exploring how to use Cuisinere sticks to help us in our maths.”


    We also made some delicious vegetable soup to try to tempt the Troll into leaving the Billy Goats Gruff alone. It seems to have worked so far……..

Posted on 15 October

Year 2 


Our project this half-term is STREET DETECTIVES and we been comparing life in England and Kenya.

Emma: We recorded the weather in Teddington and in Marsabit. It is usually hotter in Marsabit because Kenya is near the equator and we are further away. In the summer when we have hot weather, Marsabit would be even hotter – maybe twice as much!

Faris: We went to the Computing room and learnt how to log on to use the Jit program. We programmed a sprite to move around a map of Teddington. This is called an algorithm. I made my sprite go to Cavan Bakery and the park.


Caspian: In PE we are learning about team building and working together. It’s great that we have been learning to play and cooperate together as that is the Stanley Value we have been learning about.


Lily: We got into the Christmas spirit by creating Christmas cards. It was great fun when the teachers put on Christmas hats and we even had Christmas songs to sing along to. 


Freya: Our English work has been based on Lila and the Secret of Rain. We loved our drama lesson where we acted out ideas for a story sequel – Lila and the Secret of Sun.


We look forward to another enjoyable, busy week of learning next week.


Posted on 8th October 2021

Maths (Luca)

In maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have been exchanging tens and ones using part whole diagrams to 1000. Some of the work has been challenging and some easy. Also we have been learning how to partition.  I found that tricky at first but then it got easier. All I needed was to keep learning! The maths has been fun.

Music (Luca)

We have been using the glockenspiels during our music lessons and learnt the notes D, E and F.

English (Samara)

In English we have been writing about the ‘True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. We did Hot Seating which involved someone putting on a mask of a wolf or the giant. Other children then asked them questions.

I liked the story of Jack and the Beanstalk because the giant falls down and it’s funny. I liked the wolf in the ‘True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ because he sneezed a lot. The pigs ended up in the ground with their tales sticking out. I like fairy tales because the fairy tales are always funny especially the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs because they sing funny!

Science (Jenson)

In science we have been learning about our ‘Amazing Bodies’. We found out how to survive on a desert island, and sorted food into heathy groups. We have studied animals with bones and animals without bones. This week we made a skeleton and labelled all the bones in the human body.

Art (Tarah)

We have been making cotton-wool bud pictures of skeletons. We have also been making pictures with silhouettes. We used green and blue pastels and blended the colours together to make a beautiful background. We also stuck some traditional tales characters and birch tree shapes to the background. Then we cut out a silhouette of a fairy tale character and stuck that on top. It was fun and enjoyable.

Art (Kyron)

In art I made shadows of a fairy tale. In the tress I used white, black and grey paint. We also made some Christmas cards. On my Christmas card I used pink, brown, black, red, pink and green colours.



Posted 1st October 2021


Year Four Blog Autumn Term One 2021



In Science, we have been doing some pond dipping! We found water boatmen, froglets and snails that looked like ammonites. It was really fun! We identified them using a branching key.


We have also been doing art inspired by Romero Britto, an artist from Brazil. We drew happy fish (and other happy sea creatures) using lots of bright colours and different shapes.

In our first brass lesson we learnt how to blow through the mouthpiece. We were given instruments that would suit us.

Overall, Year 4 is quite fun!


So far, Year 4 has been fun and very cool! The base area is so much bigger than Year 3’s.

In English, we have been looking at a book about children searching for a whale. This goes with our Blue Abyss topic. Our maths work has been on place value and recapping what we did in Year 3.


In ICT we have been looking at branching databases. During our music lessons, we have been playing brass instruments such as trombones, trumpets and clarinets. They are all very gold!

Overall, Year 4 is great!



In English we have been looking at a Whale story. Two children are searching for a rare spotted whale. We are writing our own version of the story plot point by plot point. For each new plot point we are learning super-cool new writing skills!

We even got to design and build our own whale spotting boats!





In maths, we started the year doing place value. It was a bit of a recap but I don’t think most of us remembered! Last year the greatest numbers we looked at were in the 1000s but this year we are going much higher!

Posted 23rd September 2021

Our book Treason

At the moment, we are enjoying our book Treason.

 “ I like Treason and I want to read on” Ella 5P


Our Tudor art

We’re drawing portraits of Tudor Monarchs and having lots of fun.

“I liked how we got to go into detail on the faces”. Hannah 5P



Our class is learning about e-safety, being careful online and making fun things on Scratch.

 “In computing we’ve been making a maze on Scratch and having fun in the process”. Elina 5P

“ I liked making commands on Scratch while creating a maze game” Amelie 5HW



In Science we’ve been grouping materials and talking about their properties:

“ I like that we can work as a team and look at materials”. Lyla 5HW

“ I like looking at solids liquids and gases and grouping them according to their properties”. Grace 5P


In P.E we’re having lots of fun playing netball and doing gymnastics.

“ I like playing netball because you don’t need to run around much and its really fun”. William H. 5HW


Tudor Pavanes

We are learning to perform a pavane which is a Tudor type of dance.

 “ I like playing the tambour because it has a very low beat “. Toby 5HW

“ I think music is the best because we play a variety of instruments.” Ava 5H

posted 17th September 2021

The blog for this week is written by Erin and Cecilia from Y6.

We were all quite nervous at the start of the year but we settled in quickly because our teachers were really welcoming and have explained their expectations.

In maths so far we have been learning about place value and the four operations, they are; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In the past two weeks we have been studying the book ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom’ by Michelle Magorian. We have been recreating parts of the story in our own words using high quality vocabulary. This links with our project work where we have been learning about WW2, including: evacuees, The Blitz and how WW2 started. Learning about these things has been really interesting because you can understand how people felt at the time. The stories of the evacuees were fascinating because some of the evacuees were happy to leave London and move to the countryside.

For art, we have been sketching silhouettes for our WW2 Blitz scene and painting an explosive backround. Also, we have been drawing book covers of our favourite books.

In science, we have been experimenting with light and how it travels. Y6 have also been separating light sources and non-light sources.

In P.E we have been playing netball, badminton and volleyball. We are very excited because we are having trials for the netball team.

We’re really excited about all of the things that we will be learning in Y6!

Posted 23 July 2021

Today is the last day of the school year, one of the most difficult years education has ever known and I would like to thank the whole Stanley Community for working so well together during this time ... it has made me realise what a wonderful community we have.


This week has seen some great examples of what Stanley is all about.


Tuesday was ‘Children Run the School Day’. I managed to sit in on some of the lessons, including a paper aeroplane making competition, cookery making rice krispie cakes and also making a Viking helmet out of salt dough – all being taught by some very impressive teachers … your children!


We had some wonderful news at the end of last week. A number of our children submitted competition entries for the SPARK Children’s Book Awards. Eirynn Sealy in Year 5 received a ‘highly commended’ award for her piece on ‘A Clock of Stars’ by Francesca Gibbons. Over 50 schools across Richmond and Kingston took part, so to be recognised is quite an achievement – well done Eirynn!



Finally, as is the case at this time every year, we say goodbye to some fantastic children and some exceptional colleagues.



We are saying goodbye to colleagues who have served Stanley so well during their time here … we heard what both their colleagues and the children thought of them at their farewell presentations this week. They have undoubtedly left their mark on Stanley in such a good way and from what we heard from the children they have been inspirational, caring and created so many happy memories. Thank you and we all wish you every success and happiness in the future.


Year 6 pupils are moving on to their secondary schools in September. I know that it has not necessarily been the end of year they had all wished for … they deserved the usual last week celebrations (but we look forward to seeing them in September for a belated celebration).  They have been an amazing year group during all their time at Stanley but particularly in this last year. I know they will do great things at “big school” and beyond. Well done Year 6 … true Stanley Stars!


I hope that you all have a wonderful summer break and look forward to seeing you back in school on Thursday 2nd September.


Mr Hawley




Ahoy me mateys ... Pre-School are this weeks Bloggers.


It’s ‘Pirates and Mermaids’ week in Pre-School. We’ve been busy counting our golden coins, making treasure maps and writing messages in bottles! We’ve sieved for gold, caught fish in our nets and walked the pirate plank! We’ve been listening to funny stories about pirates who love underpants and singing pirate songs! We even made our own funny pirate names! 


Ada said “I’m making a mermaid sea.”(play dough)


Subhan “My mermaid’s trying to go to the water. Mine can breathe under water.” (Water play)


It’s a telescope. It’s for looking for treasure and they (pirates) do ‘land ahoy’ with them,” said Layla.


“We need a fin for a mermaid, the tape can be it,”  Bea. (making table)


“Aaar! Pirates say aaar!” Said Anesa. 


Thea: "I cutted a wheel to stick on here. Its for making air to fly kites." 


Jude: "I'm making a necklace. I already putted a lot of beautiful beads on. It did take me ages."




Posted 9 July 2021

This week’s bloggers are Year 2’s  Seb M (Sycamore), Feroza R (Oak) and Nese C-M (Maple).


We’ve had a great couple of weeks exploring this half term’s topic, “Tunnels, Towers and Turrets” – we’ve looked at the history of castles and finding about some of the world’s tunnels and towers. Did you know that Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the Elizabeth Tower?


Seb reports: I really loved doing Scooter Training last week! We got to bring our scooters in and whizz around the Pirate Playground, learning how to use them safely. I can’t wait to practise over the summer holidays!


Nese tells us: We made some great pastel drawings based on the artist Paul Klee. I used black paper and some 2D shapes to draw a castle picture. I’m really proud of the artwork.


Feroza adds: During maths, we’ve been learning to tell the time. I’ve really enjoyed making Gargoyles from clay – we’ve been thinking about different materials and science and how we can change the shape of an object. I needed to push and stretch the clay to make the Gargoyle’s scary face.







Posted 2 July 2021

Year 6 have had a very busy term so we’ve chosen some of our favourites to share in this week’s blog.


Thames young Mariners

Thames young Mariners was an exciting end-of-year event for Year 6, as we did a range of team building activities; we displayed our Stanley values while doing them. Despite the harsh weather, all of the classes managed to enjoy the activities and all participate well. Year 6 impressed the teachers with their excellent behaviour.




Go Ape

Go Ape was a blast! From the tree top adventures to the outdoor escape room, we loved it. Year 6 was elated when we arrived at the Go Ape climbing centre, the activities included the outdoor escape room, The Tree Top Adventure and various other team-building activities. This was a fun end of year event.



Year 6 Sleepover

The year sleepover is agreeably one of the best activities to happen in this school to mark the end of the year. First, there was a silent disco on the field while listening to whatever music you like, alone or jamming out with friends. We had so much fun when it came to the movie: The Pacifier!  All of the children were allowed to bring sweets, popcorn, picnic blankets and foldable camping chair. After the Pacifier, we were all tired and ready to go to sleep. In the morning, we were all exhausted and ready to go home.


None of these incredible activities would be possible without our amazing Year 6 teachers!


By Megan C, Iona K and Cecilia C. 



Posted 25 June 2021

Here is this week’s Blog written by Jem L and Sam D in 3T:


In Science this week we have been investigating magnetic forces!  We used different sized magnets to compare their force.


In Maths we focussed on methods for multiplication and also played times tables games.  


Our book at the moment is This Morning I Met a Whale by Michael Morpurgo - we have been writing our own play scripts as well as beginning some watercolour art inspired by the pictures in the book.


Back in April we planted some wildflowers in the Living Classroom as part of our plants topic.  We were so happy to see that they have finally bloomed!






Posted 18 June 2021
Peartree are this week’s Bloggers

In Peartree we have been learning about minibeasts. Some caterpillars arrived this week, which was very exciting. We learnt about their life cycle and can’t wait for them to get bigger and eventually turn into butterflies!


Heron class read the ‘Bugliest Bug’ story and created missing bug posters.


We also made our own minibeast for a class display.



In Redwing class this week, we made minibeasts out of paper mache. It was so much fun!



This term our PE topic is gymnastics. We had lots of fun this week, moving like different animals.


We love ‘Lego Therapy’ sessions in Peartree. This week, we worked together as a team to build a pirate.


In Sandpiper, we have been learning about the parts of a plant. We learnt a song to help us remember. We enjoyed getting messy and planting some new flowers for the pots outside Peartree. 






Posted 11 June 2021

This week Reception are our Bloggers and they have been learning about superheroes. They have created their own superhero names and thought of their superhero powers. They then brought their heroes to life through detailed illustrations.


In maths we have been learning how to double using dice, dominoes and creating our own doubling ladybird and butterfly patterns.


We have also thought of questions to send to Year 1 to find out what it is like in Year 1 and we had a visit from Year 1 teachers where we listened really well to a story.


Here’s what some of the children have said about this week’s activities:


Grace – “We have been learning about superheroes. I drew my superhero it was called ‘Calm Girl’ because when people need it I can help them”


Younes – “I have been writing about superheroes – his name is ‘Super Boy’ and his super power is to make animals feel better”


Miriam – “We have been learning about doubling – that’s 2 numbers that are the same added together”


Ollie P – “We have been asking Year 1 questions about what it’s like there”




Carter – “I liked making my own playdough in the classroom”


Tara – “I liked drawing my own superhero. Her name is ‘Super Girl’. She can make flowers grow everywhere”


Jun – “I liked playing outside. The water tray is very cold”


Amiera – “We have been doubling and I doubled my sister’s age”









Year 5 are this week's Bloggers:


This week in Year 5 we have been investigating how much gas is produced from combining various solids and liquids. We used latex gloves to capture and measure our results.

As it is the last week of our Egypt topic, many of the Year 5 children shared their fabulous and  creative topic home learning which included; pyramids with hidden tombs, a Sphinx with a real sand base; well-researched PowerPoints with quizzes and many more.


Have a great half-term break!



Posted 21 May 2021

This week’s Blog is from Year 1:


We have been very busy in Year 1 recently. First, we had problems with a Tiger who came to tea and ate all our food. We solved the problem by baking cupcakes and designing tins of Tiger Food in case he turned up again. He hasn't ....... yet!


We wrote our own stories such as 'The Horse who came for a snack', 'The Sloth who came for Supper' and 'The Lynx who came to tea'.


In Maths we have been looking at a different type of problem solving where we were finding halves and quarters of shapes and numbers, explaining what we had done and looking for patterns.



We had a tricky choice to make in PHSE. Should we spend our £5 note on ourselves, share it with our families or donate it to a charity?



In Dance we have been moving like the animals from our stories and describing our movements to each other.



Our current learning adventure involves finding out about wolves and acting out the story of The Three Little Pigs. We will be retelling the story next week.


Jake said about the wolf puppet (below): 'His teeth are as sharp as a pigeon's beak' 


Tom shared his cupcakes: 'I ate my cake as soon as I came out of school. I gave the other to my brother and he loved it to' ​


Brody said about halves in maths: 'The shapes are getting smaller all the time.'


'I am moving slowly like a sloth, so slowly it looks like I am not moving but I am.' said Nate crawling on the floor on his back.






Posted 14 May 2021

Year 4 are this week’s Bloggers: 


The Romans are keeping Year 4 busy. Not only are we busy finding out information and preparing our presentation for the final week of this half term (w/c May 24th), we have enjoyed finding out about gladiators and the Roman army. The recruitment posters for the army were persuasive!  Our class novel, 'Escape from Rome' is thrilling as most chapters end on an exciting cliff-hanger. 





We are using the plot of our class novel to plan our own narrative, in English. We have had fun drawing a story map, using figures and symbols, as well as telling it to different partners.



The Roman theme has continued in music and we composed our own tunes on the glockenspiels. It was fun when we heard them through the computer in a different style, such as Bollywood, blues or jazz.​





In Maths, we have been looking at money and Seren voiced the thoughts of many children, that she is enjoying the early morning maths as it gets her brain ready for school!



In our busy week, we have also had Science lessons about sound, including using ear gongs (pictured left & right), and played cricket in PE.







Posted 7 May 2021 
This week Pre-School are our Bloggers.



Pre-School's topic this week has been Amazing Africa! The children have loved finding out about African animals through texts including Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne and We all went on Safari by Laurie Krebs and Julia Cairns. Linked play experiences have included sorting animals by their patterns, designing animal safari worlds from playdough, creating 'loose part' lions and making African inspired masks and jewellery.




The story The Leopard's Drum inspired the children to practice their African drumming skills and they have even been learning to count in Swahili. What a busy week!


Here are what some of our amazing Pre-Schoolers have said during their busy learning:



"I've used these lines for his spikes and buttons for his eyes and these glass pebbles for the curly nose."  - Thea talking about her 'loose parts' lion




"He's only got 4 pebbles for his mane. He is wearing sunglasses because it is very sunny. He has sun cream on.” - Ava W talking about her African lion creation.



"I went to the zoo a long time ago. I saw monkeys and seals and the lions." - Dougie talking about his duplo safari model.










Posted 30 April 2021
Year 2 Bloggers this week are: Eira P (Oak), Zaki F-S (Maple), Margot G (Sycamore)


Ahoy there shipmates! Welcome to to the Good Ship Year 2, where we've been enjoying our new topic "Land Ahoy" this week. 


Zaki tells us "We've been learning about the Titanic, a big ship that sank in 1912 when it hit an iceberg in the Atlantic. Did you know it had a swimming pool on board but only the first class passengers could use it?"  



Eira reports: "We've been finding out all about Captain Cook and writing information booklets about him - he went on 3 voyages and was the first person to map New Zealand where he discovered new plants and animals never seen by Europeans before.” 


Margot adds: "We couldn't believe it when we found out that he had a 12 year old Surgeon's Assistant working on board his ship the HMS Endeavour!"


We were really excited in PE as we've been able to do athletics on the field, practising our running and jumping. We can't wait till next week - we've got a Pirate Day next Friday - Arrrrhhhhhhhh!!!




Posted 23 April 2021
A very warm welcome back to school to you all this week. I hope that you enjoyed the Easter break and that you were able to take the opportunity to meet with friends and family in open spaces and gardens. It does feel that things are edging towards a little more normality and as the weather continues to improve, the sunshine really helps to lighten the mood!


The summer term is always busy and in usual circumstances would be full of school and FOSP events, particularly towards the end of term. At this point, we are hopeful that many of the usual events will be able to go ahead with some changes to ensure everybody’s safety.

It has been great to see all the children back in school after the break. They have settled well and are ready to work hard for the summer term.

I am now going to hand over to Year 6 who will tell you about their week

Mr Hawley


Year 6 Bloggers are Isla D and Bavi S from 6S

This week in Year 6 we have been learning lots of new and exciting things.

In maths we have been focusing on line graphs. We have learnt to interpret them and also how to correctly draw and label them. We have learnt that they are an easy way to show and compare results.

In English we have been learning to write a balanced argument which is linked to the play ‘Macbeth’. Our question is ‘Is Macbeth fully responsible for his evil actions?’ which is a question that many debate about. We have been taught to use a method called ‘PEEL’ which means: point, evidence, explain and link. This helps us to up level our argument as we are using evidence to support our points.

In science we learnt about Carl Linnaean and why he created the Linnaean system. We learnt that he created the system so that all scientists across the globe could classify animals and plants in the same way. As our practical activity we were given a variety of sweets and we had to sort them out using a number of yes and no questions.

In PE we learnt the basics on how to play rounders and cricket. We started off by learning how to bat and bowl and we soon moved on to playing in teams. We all had lots of fun.





Posted 1 April 2021
We have now reached the end of another very unusual term and certainly one that I hope we don’t have to repeat. It has been wonderful seeing all of our children back in school in the last four weeks and I hope that this will continue during the summer term.


I wanted to thank you all for your support over the course of the term. On Tuesday, we received a huge delivery of Easter eggs provided as a thank you to staff from FOSP. I understand that these have been provided from parent donations earlier in the term. This is a wonderful gesture and something that is greatly appreciated by all of us. The generosity and appreciation of our parents really does make such a difference and underlines what a wonderful community spirit there is at our school.



I would also like to highlight the great work of FOSP members and volunteers for their work during the term. Despite the pandemic, there has been wine tasting, discos and support with uniform as well as many other things. This continues to provide much needed funds for the school.



I hope that we will have some good weather over Easter and that you are all able to enjoy a good Easter break. I look forward to seeing you all back in school on Tuesday 20th April.


Happy Easter!

Mr Hawley




Posted 26 March 2021
Freddie O, Odessa R and Lewis A from 3LT are this week’s Bloggers


This week, Year 3 started reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We looked at the powerful verbs he used to make the story come to life and made up similes to describe our own robots. With all the exciting vocabulary we had learned, we wrote stories about our robots falling off the cliff. 


We studied the resistance of different materials in Science and now know what would be suitable material to make a robot.


In computing, we practiced our word processing skills using a variety of fonts, changing the size and colour of our text, using underlining and italics.



We also checked up on our well-being garden that we planted when we came back. We were very excited to see little seedlings all over the flower bed. I wonder how long before they will produce flowers?



On Friday, we played games that tested our maths and logic skills - Chess is fun!








Posted 19 March 2021 
Theo D, Charles E, Eirynn S and Aleesha S have put together a Year 5 blog that took four and a half hours and this is the result!


Tamira remarked, that in singing they had been learning the songs that they would have been singing in the Rose Theatre but because of lockdown they couldn’t sing there.

Luke claimed that in English they had been learning about cohesive devices e.g  pronouns, conjunctions and adverbials.


Harry mentioned that he likes dressing up: “It is fun because we rarely get to dress up.”


Freddie J told us that he thought ICT is very interesting.

Freddie M claimed that in P.E they were playing dodgeball, football and running round the MUGA.


Erin enjoyed doing maths and finding the mixed numbers in fractions and adding decimals.


Olivia told us that in topic they are doing allotments it is a very interesting subject - last week we planted African Violet Plants.


Catrina has stated that in art they were drawing and painting flowers which were inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.


All together this week has been an exciting week what with World Book Day and the other fun things we learnt, our Year 5s have worked very hard putting this together.





Posted 12 March 2021

Our Bloggers this week are Freja G and Sade H from Chestnut class (Year 1).


We were all very happy to be back at school! 

We made pictures of London with a moving part. We learned how to make a sliding mechanism so a bus or car can travel through London. 

Freja: I made it about London. I drew the London Eye, which I went on, Big Ben and a house.

Sade: My puppet is a double decker bus. I drew Big Ben and the London Eye.


We are learning about 'Where the Wild Things Are.' 

Sade: I love the writing we did this week, my favourite was my speech bubbles.

Freja: I liked writing about Max's mischief.


In maths we have been measuring.

Freja: I was trying to measure my printer and it was 120cm.

Sade: My water bottle is 20cm.





Posted 5 March 2021

Year 4 are our Bloggers this week:

We have continued looking at different versions of The Princess and the Pea, in English. The illustrations have brought the story to life and choosing another point of view was fun. We also celebrated World Book Day yesterday with a range of off-screen activities and we all took part in the live lesson from the BBC.


In Maths, we have been busy with everyone’s favourite – fractions! Jake said that he enjoyed learning about them this week. It had been not too hard and not too easy, but a good challenge. We all found out that knowing our times tables helped.

On Monday, we were very lucky to have a guest speaker - Emily, a veterinary student at Cambridge University. She gave us a fascinating talk about animal teeth. We hadn’t realised that some herbivores have long canines and that tusks are actually teeth. We learned that the little stones that birds swallow actually act as teeth; grinding food in the gizzard. In humans, teeth are extremely important for speaking, although some birds can mimic speech without having any teeth at all. Emily also gave us some good advice about keeping our pets’ teeth healthy.  

Our new class novel The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Raúf is proving to be popular, and we will continue reading when we return to school.

In Home Learning, there have been some fantastic models of human teeth submitted on Google Classroom this week, including one made of marshmallows and one with teeth made out of popcorn!

We are looking forward to everyone being back in class next week and working together again.



























Posted 26 February 2021

Pre-School and Reception are our Bloggers this week and here is what they did:


It's been a colourful week for Pre-School and Reception this week with our Rainbow themed activities. We've been listening to variety of stories including 'The World Made a Rainbow' by Michelle Robinson, 'Mixed' by Aree Chung and 'Maisy's Rainbow Dream' by Lucy Cousins. 


Our challenges this week have been delicious as well as fun - we made rainbow fruit kebabs and rainbow bread and we created our own loose parts rainbows with the things we found at home.


We've investigated colours through our science experiments - 'growing' a rainbow and making fizzy rainbows and we found out some facts about animals’ colours in our information story on 'Colour'.


We explored making rainbows using prisms and torches and looked at numbers inside 8.


Finally, our story 'The Colour Monsters' showed us how to sort out our feelings using colour to help. 


This is what some of the children said about rainbows:




We made a rainbow with skittles – Archie


I drew a rainbow red, green and blue – Maisee-Mai


I made rainbow bread. I had stripes. I used pink, green and yellow and we had to mix it – Ava




We made rainbows. I used all the colours – coloured sticks too. I also learnt the colour song – Izabella


We made fruit kebabs in rainbow but my favourite is pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and apples. Today is rainbow day and we are all rainbows – Sophie


We have been learning about the colours of the rainbow and how many there are – there are seven! – Freddie



Phew - what a busy week!









Posted 12 February 2021

This week’s Blog has been written by Peartree


Peartree have had a very busy and fun week!


We have been creating Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits, which was great fun and we are very proud of our finished art work.


As it is Shrove Tuesday next week, we learnt how to follow a recipe and made our own pancakes.  You can probably tell by the photos that our favourite part was the eating!











       Have a great half term break!







Posted 5 February 2021

Year 2 are this week’s Bloggers

We have had a busy, fun week of learning, both at home and in school. We liked watching Mr Hawley’s assembly for children’s Mental Health week and dressing ‘inside out’.


Our project this half-term is SUPEREROES and we learnt about the history of Superheroes. We made clay superheroes based on the style of Antony Gormley and we did some pop art work based on the style of Andy Warhol.


English – our English work has been based on Traction Man. We love seeing what missions/adventures Traction Man and his side-kick Scrubbing Brush get up to each day. We did a lot of planning work in the build-up to writing our own story about Traction Man – Traction Man’s Latest Adventure.


Science – we have been learning about Take Care – different ways of keeping ourselves healthy. We designed and made bright, colourful posters about Staying Healthy.


Maths – We enjoyed learning about tally charts and pictograms this week. We loved making a bar chart of our favourite chocolate bars as part of our PSCHE lessons. We even got to taste the winning chocolate!


RE – we have been learning about Judaism - the story of Passover and how and why Jews celebrate Passover. We found it interesting how Jews put lambs’ blood on their door posts to protect their first-born sons from the Angel of Death. 


PE – we enjoyed learning how to play hockey and practising how to dribble using a hockey stick.



We look forward to another enjoyable, busy week of learning next week.






Posted 29 January 2021

Year 6’s Eve H-P, Esme R and Daisy R are this week’s Bloggers.


This week has been amazing, and full of great learning opportunities. This is what we have been doing.



At home we have done exactly the same lessons as the people in school, except at home!


We have been doing English, maths, science, art, RE and reading. In English we have been writing a non-chronological report about health and what you need to live a healthy life.


In maths, we have been learning about percentages, fractions, decimals and word problems.


In science we have been learning about pulse and heart rate. In RE, we have been drawing a picture of what Christians believe heaven is like. We also have daily live sessions and assemblies on google meet so if you have any questions you can ask the teacher.


We have been reading How to Skin a Bear and we have been answered questions about the text. The live sessions have been fun.


In School

In English at school we have been doing a non-chronological report about a healthy lifestyle. There are eight paragraphs including an introduction and a conclusion. For the exercise paragraph we wrote about how much exercise we need a day and what exercises are the healthiest. In the water and diet paragraphs we wrote how much we need.


In maths we learnt about decimals, fractions and percentages. We found percentages of an amount. Percentages mean out of 100. We also did fun word problems on thursday.


We are reading a book called How to Skin a Bear, it's about a young girl named Bee. In some of our reading lessons it was based on a summary.


In science we have been learning about the lungs and how they function.  We have done an experiment outside, all you need is one balloon. First, you need to blow into the balloon but don’t take a lot of breaths. Once you have done that you will be able to see your lung capacity. Also we checked our pulse rate by designing exercises and taking our pulse resting and then after exercise. We recorded our work in a table.


In R.E. we were learning about Christians’ view of heaven. We then created a drawing that represented it.


This week we did the bleep test and we also played dodgeball in P.E. We played a dice game that meant we had to roll a dice and do the activity that matched the number. It was lots of fun and hard work.






Posted 22 January 2021

Year 3 are this week’s Bloggers and they have had a busy week both with their home learning and in school.


Our Year 3 bubble class have been exploring Ancient Greece.  As part of our project we were learning about how the ancient Greeks lived including what they ate, drank and wore.  We even made our own ancient Greek style sandals (probably not great in the rain!).


In school, as part of both our science investigations into shadow and light, we made shadow puppets!  We used our knowledge of the myth of Icarus to retell the story using our amazing puppets.


Also as part of our Greek project the children have enjoyed making Greek Gods top trumps cards both at home and at school.  


We have also been looking at the amazing art of Keith Haring and interpreting that in our own creations.








Posted 15 January 2021

This week’s Bloggers are Olivia D and Jack G from Year 5 and they have provided a Blog first with a video to show their rocket launch.

This week in maths we have been doing long multiplication e.g. 14 x 253






We can now multiply 4-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers.


In English, we have been researching about animals in space. Once we had researched about them, we used the information to write to NASA to ask them never to use animals for space trial again because we decided, based on the evidence, that it was cruel and unnecessary to send them to space. Most of us also believed that humans should go to space if they were the ones who wanted to risk their lives. We hope that NASA will send us a reply to our letters.

Did you know that 71 dogs got sent into space and only 54 of them came back?!


We have been reading Jazz Harper, Space Explorer, and answering questions about it. The story is set in the future! Jazz is an ordinary girl that goes on a space adventure with her mum and meets a boy called Eliza and his little sister Ellie-May. Before she left she got a diary from her Gran so lots of the documents are pages from her diary that she has kept in space.


In P.E. we have been doing some fitness (running in an ‘elimination’ game) but mostly sports including: football, dodgeball and a colour games using cones.


In science we have been learning about the order of the planets in our solar system and how we have day and night because of the sun.


We have also been launching bottle rockets! Sadly, only the first one worked (we tried to shoot about 4 rockets) but at least the first one went really high … page down to see the video of the successful launch.


This week for our French lesson we have been naming food in French. We did a role play as if we were in a shop. One of us was the shopkeeper and one of us was the customer.

We also played a French quiz to see what we had remembered.

Quick question:

Can you translate this word - ‘CHAMPIGNON


In art, we have made a solar system picture. We used pastels and chalk to create the planets and stars, using blending techniques to make them look 3D. Next, we learned how to draw a spacecraft in proportion. Finally, we added the rocket to our background. We were inspired by the painter Peter Thorpe. We are beginning to make our papier mache planets with craters today. This will form the base for our clay figures that we will begin to design and create in the upcoming weeks.

During our R.E. lesson this week, we were learning about Hinduism and their belief in Moksha. We discovered that they believe that if you are good, when you die you will come back as a baby and if you are selfish you will come back as an animal.


If a person is continually good in each of their lives, they will reach Moksha. This is when a person achieves the ultimate aim of Hinduism and leaves the cycle of rebirth and become one with the god Brahma.


Year 5's Bottle Rocket Launch

Still image for this video



Posted 8 January 2021

Happy New Year to you all!


I hope that you were all able to enjoy Christmas despite the restrictions that were imposed upon us at these times.


Since Christmas, there has been the news of the latest round of partial closure of schools with the government announcing on 30th December that our school would only be open for children of ‘critical workers’ and those classed as vulnerable.


We have done our best to respond at very short notice and have managed to accommodate all children who needed to attend school so far. We have prioritized smaller groups / bubbles to try and limit the risk of transmission of the virus.


I have written several communications so far and tried to keep you as up to date as possible. I also know that your teachers or other school staff are in contact with you – I hope that you have found this useful. Please continue to use the year group e-mail addresses for communication with teachers and year group staff.


The current situation aside, it has been great to see some of the children back in school and to chat with them about their Christmas. The children that are here have settled into new routines and different groups / bubbles again – children really are always more adaptable than we think and this period of time has underlined this.


I hope that we will soon be able to return to some level of normality but until then, stay well.


Mr. Hawley




Posted 18 December 2020

Our Bloggers this week are Ellie S and Fred B from Chestnut Class – here are the highlights of their week:


Father Christmas came to Chestnut and it was the best day ever! He gave presents to the whole of Chestnut Class. 


We made a snow globe (pictured right). We painted some snow onto a black background and we stuck some fluff at the bottom and some sparkly white glitter at the top.


We wrote the Christmas story about baby Jesus (pictured below right). We learned that there were three wise men who brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. There was also Mary and Joseph, Mary was the Mummy of Jesus. There were shepherds and sheep and a donkey.


We also made a bridge for the three Billy Goats to cross the river! That was a while ago but we still remember it!



And finally, a message from Mr. Hawley


I would like to thank all of those children who have helped write the blog over the course of the term - I hope that you have enjoyed reading it.


I would like to wish all of you and your families a very merry Christmas and good wishes for the new Year!

Mr. Hawley



Posted 11 December 2020
Year 4 are this week’s Bloggers – here are some of their highlights of the week with pictures of their impressive owl and woolly hat Christmas decorations.


Seren says “This week has been good, just like our school!”

We have enjoyed writing our narratives, based on the class novel ‘Frogspell’.

Sara, along with the rest of the year group, has enjoyed making owl Christmas tree decorations out of salt dough, which shows how things change state.

In Science, William enjoyed carrying out the experiments about ‘empty spaces’, especially seeing raisins dance in lemonade.


We are looking forward to playing ‘Battleships’ after finding out about coordinates.


Year 4 wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.






Posted 4 December 2020
Reception are this week’s Bloggers and these are the highlights of their week:


We have been researching stars, space and the solar system and have been looking out for stars at night time.


The “Frog on the log” was used to describe how things (including frogs!) are positioned e.g on, next to and under.


In maths we have talking about all types of shapes – both 2D and 3D. We have been looking for circles and triangles in lots of different places including Kandinsky’s art.


With Christmas approaching we have been making decorations with lots of Christmas trees created and painted.


Another Christmas activity has seen the children dancing to Tchaikovsky’s music, The Nutcracker, in preparation for our nativity performances. We will be recording the children and the videos will be released as part of Stanley’s Advent Calendar – so parents will be able to see just how well our practices have paid off!







Posted 27 November 2020
Year 2 are this week’s Bloggers and we have a report from each class about the highlight of their week:


Luca A (Oak Class) reports: In science, we've been learning about how we change over our lifetime from being a baby to becoming an elderly person. We met some baby brothers and sisters of our classmates (via video) and found out lots of information about looking after babies. We also looked at all of our baby photos!

Holly G (Sycamore Class) writes: We've been practising our Christmas songs over the last few weeks and today we got to wear Christmas hats and hairbands and performed the songs - we can't wait to share the videos with everyone! My favourite song is called "The Reindeer Dance"! 

Verity L (Maple Class) tells us: Yesterday we had our drumming workshop as part of our 'Beat Band Boogie' topic. We went to the music studio with Ms Whiteside and got to sit behind some really loud drums and beat out some cool sounds.















Posted 20 November 2020
Lorenzo, Lucy, Malakai and Etienne, who are all in 6V, are this week’s Bloggers.


Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been enjoying their new topic, Frozen Kingdom. We have been learning about animal adaptation and we have learnt about what it takes to survive in polar regions. We also have been studying the Titanic and what happened in the catastrophe of its crash.


For this half-term, in English, we have been focusing on Phillip Pullman’s Northern Lights to base a fantasy story on and we have been using the text for various comprehension tasks. Our fantasy story is based on a scene from The Golden Compass, a movie adaptation of the Northern Lights. Over previous days we have been focusing on different parts of the book in order to study the story in more depth.


In maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of fractions. We have been learning how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and identifying equivalent and simplified fractions. Also, we have been adding and subtracting fractions.


In French, we have been focusing on grammar, working towards writing a short passage about sports in French. In music, we have been practising our Christmas carols, ready to be recorded. In PE, we have been playing netball and Frisbee every week. We have been studying Islam in RE and have been learning how to show commitment through this religion. We also closely studied the Five Pillars of Islam.



Posted 13 November 2020

This week 3MC have written the Blog and highlighted some of the key activities they have enjoyed.



Annie and Tilly: We have started multiplication and division, doing stuff like arrays and equal groups.

Jenson: We have been looking at different ways of making one answer.



Thomas: On Tuesday we were sorted into teams and played handball against

each other.

William: We learned that in handball, when you have the ball you can only move 2 steps.

Annie: We did some running and I got a stitch. That’s the only thing I didn’t like about Tuesday!



Jaidhan: On Wednesday in the afternoon, we started our art about poppies. Our poppies were drawn and then we painted them and put them in the window like a poppy field.



Jenson: We have started a new topic called the Stone Age.



Oskar:  We have started reading a new book.

Annie: We read a story called Stone Age Boy and some people got to answer questions acting as a character.

Jaidhan: In spelling we’ve been practising really tricky words (certain, possible and probably).



Thomas: On Thursday in science, we have been learning about how much light we need to see and what’s easiest to see in dark places.

Caleb: We did science that was based on light. So that was fun!



Jenson: In RE we have been seeing what different religions do including Islam, Hinduism and Christianity.



Jenson: We have been practising saying colours in French (rouge, bleu and blanc).


Remembrance Day

Thomas: We did the 2 minute silence at 11 o’clock.

Tilly: I showed photos of my great, great grandparents during World War I

and II.

Daisy: I shared photos of my great grandparents and great, great grandparents from the World Wars. I also had a Certificate of Employment from World War I.

Jenson: In the afternoon the whole of Year 3 practiced drills and marches during PE.




Mrs Mann and Mrs Cook: 3MC have been working really hard since the start of term and are excellent at lining up quickly and silently in a straight line.  They demonstrated this well when the whole of Year 3 marched in formation during our PE drills on Remembrance Day.



Posted 6 November 2020
This week Pre-School are our Bloggers … here’s what they have been doing this week:


It’s been all things spooky in Pre-School this week for our Halloween inspired theme. The children have been listening to lots of witchy stories including ‘What’s in the witch's kitchen?’ by Nik Sharrat and ‘There’s a witch in my book’ by Tom Fletcher.

In maths, they have been learning the counting song ‘5 Bony Skeletons’ and have practised their counting skills using some spooky themed counters.


They have decorated real pumpkins using golf tees and loom band and have been mask making on ghost shaped paper. They have even made up their own magic spells!


What a busy week!

Here are some quotes from some of our amazing Pre-Schoolers:

"There’s a skeleton inside you. It got in you when you were made. It has to hold you up and make you walk." - Evra

"This is my ghost. It’s a friendly ghost. It says hi!" - Margot

"I’m a witch. I can do spells on you. Turn you into a lizard. Turn you into a cat. Turn you into a frog. You need to do this." - Ollie

"This is my pumpkin patch. It has stinging nettles. The stalks are growing." - Eli





















Posted 23 October 2020
Erin S and Ella R-J from 5B are this week’s Bloggers reporting on what Year 5 have been doing.

This week in English we have been writing a persuasive letter complaining about plastic pollution and how little the community is doing to help end it.

In maths we have been concentrating on all types of charts (bar, line, table and two way tables).We have a maths test to do with everything we have learnt in the past few weeks.

This week we have been continuing our outstanding Tudor pouches and designing/creating our Christmas cards in D.T.

In science we have been studying the different categories of plastic and seeing how they are recycled. Furthermore, we have been investigating the properties of different daily used objects. Also we’ve been revising metal types and their uses.

I.C.T - we have been studying semaphore and using it to send messages to one another using flags (over distances of about 10m).

We have been playing Tudor music on the glockenspiel and drum. Also because it’s nearly Halloween we sang two Halloween songs this week, also harvest songs.

In P.E. we have been having class football matches in small groups and Tudor dance (which we have now completed and are going to perform in front of our teachers).

As part of our project we’ve have done our Tudor pouch evaluation this week, of course this also includes our actual pouch-making/finishing. The pictures show Evelyn with her pouch and the purple pouch is the one Ella made.

In P.S.H.E. this week we have been debating the goals we want to achieve in one year’s time, five years’ time and a decade then making fortune tellers for the challenges we might face to achieve this.


So overall we’ve had a brilliant week and we hope you think the same.

Bye and have a great half term break!!!




Posted 16 October 2020
This week’s Blog comes from Year 1 and was written by James H, Hakeem P and Adam T. These are some of the topics and activities they enjoyed:


We looked at pictures of a troll and described the trolls. We thought of some words like scary, nasty, big and fat, huge, giant, hairy.

We learned Louis Braille was blind. He made Braille which is a way to help blind people to read and write.

We learned how to write the letters e and f and i in handwriting.

We learned how to use a part part whole model in maths. Today we found the whole when we could see the parts. When we started the book there weren't any part whole models and now we can do them. 

We designed and made a shelter for an animal with clay, sticks and leaves. 





Posted 9 October 2020
This week 4S have written the Blog and highlighted some of the key activities they have enjoyed. Lily summarised their week by saying: “This week has been as brilliant as Stanley School is!”  


In English, Isla enjoyed looking at a ‘Where’s Wally’ picture and using expanded noun phrases to find people. The rest of the class agreed with her.


We have just started planning a non-chronological report about the oceans, which Monty is enjoying.

Erin has loved completing the Maths Challenges. We also found out about Roman numerals and negative numbers. We drew under sea pictures to label different creatures at different depths.


In Science, we went pond dipping, and then back in the classroom, we classified the creatures using a key.


Seren and a few others enjoyed jumping from different heights in PE.


As a year group, we have all enjoyed producing ‘Happy Fish’ art work, in the style of Brazilian artist Romero Britto. It definitely made us feel happy!



















Posted 5 October 2020

This week in Reception we have been continuing with our topic which is ‘All About Me’.  We have been talking about the houses we live in, our families, our likes and dislikes.  We have also talked about why we are special and unique reading the story ‘Only One You’. During maths we have been looking at matching and sorting and learning how to play dominoes which was our game of the week.


Below are some comments from Reception children:


Aisha (Pine) - We've been trying to see some buttons that are round. We've been sorting them in lots of ways


Luna (Pine) - I drew a person with shapes (Picasso inspired Art)


Zach (Pine) - I played with dinosaurs at the small world, I found a stegosaurus


Jayden (Pine) - Played with toys and cars outside in our new garden. We've got mud and big big tyres.


Sophie (Willow) - Playing with my friends and learning about sorting I separate them into sea and land animals


Liya (Willow) - I have been learning to use kind hands and playing with my friends.  We looked at Picasso pictures and then drew our own with oil pastels


Rayan (Willow) - We been learning about dominoes and how to play.  We been learning about houses and I built one out of wooden blocks with my new friend Ollie



Younes (Willow) - I have been drawing and learning about the green zone.  You feel

happy in the green zone and really excited too for all the learning


Dan Dan (Laurel) - I liked making a Picasso art face because I like drawing


Rachel (Laurel) - I liked singing


Lumi (Laurel) - I played dominoes and counted the dots


Lochie (Laurel) - I liked counting with numbers and the numicon



Posted 25 September 2020

Year 2 are this week’s Bloggers – here are three highlights of the week from Imogen, Emily and Ben:


Imogen L (Sycamore):  We've been learning about The Zones of Regulation - if we're feeling a little bit worried or sad (the Blue Zone) we know how to get ourselves into the Green Zone (happy and content and ready for learning!). I think it helps to talk to my friends about how I feel. 


Emily F (Maple): In art this week we made some collage pictures using newspaper, based on the front cover of the book we are learning about in English, 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne. The book is really exciting with some nice pictures. 


Ben W (Oak): Yesterday in History, we learnt about the history of Stanley School; we had to sequence lots of events that have happened since the school opened in 1907. Did you know the swimming pool used to be in the Year 3 base area?!"





Posted 18 September 2020

Mr Hawley explained in last week’s Blog that individual year groups would be writing the Blog for the first part of the year. Our first “Bloggers” are reporting on Year 6 and they are Matilda S, Charlie E and Milly W who are all in 6B



The first project of Year 6 is ‘A Child’s War’ and it’s based on World War Two. The book that we are reading for this is ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and it gives us a clear example of what it would have been like to be an evacuee.



In English we have been comparing the countryside to the city and we wrote a description of the countryside using high quality vocabulary.



In the first weeks of maths we have been learning about place value and negative numbers.



In science we are learning about light, light sources, how light travels and how we can see light.



In art Year 6 have been doing paintings of the Blitz.



Posted 11 September 2020

Welcome to the first 'blog' of the new academic year. I hope that all your children have enjoyed being back in school and that they have been keen to tell you all about it. I am really proud with how the children have adapted to the new systems and expectations around school - it is clear that with a bit of positivity, children adapt to these sorts of things really well. 


We will be changing the way that the blog will be written for the first part of the year. The blog will focus on one year group per week with children from that year group sharing some of things that they have been doing. previously, we had some of the older children visiting other year groups and reporting about some of the things that were going on. I'm sure that you understand the need for us to limit movement of any pupils between year groups. I hope that the new blog will give you a bit more insight to what is going on in specific year groups!


What I can tell you is that all of the classes have settled really well and teachers are reporting a really positive atmosphere in class. Children have been delighted to see their friends and teacher and are keen to work hard and try their best - all excellent news at the end of the first week back.



Posted 17 July 2020
This week's Blog has been written by Year 6 pupils Ursula M, Zara L and Amber B (all 6B & 6WT Bubble) who, on their last day in school, are reflecting on their time at Stanley. Mr Hawley has also added a message wishing Year 6 well.


We’ve had an amazing time at Stanley but sadly now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you to all of the teachers and staff, who have helped us on journey throughout our school years. Our learning has encouraged us to carry on whatever the challenge. Everyone has been a part of making the school a better place, even in these strange times.


Stanley has provided us with so many fun activities such as:

  • Charities day
  • Children run the school day
  • Sports day
  • Arts week
  • Fun projects

Our school has also had many visitors from famous authors and inspiring people. In our early years, we’ve done nativity plays at Christmas.


Many memories have been made at Stanley school. Some of our favourites have been: when we started Stanley, the Year 1 and 2 sleepover; cinema trip in Year 5 to watch Toy Story 4, the building work that was going on, the trip to Hampton pool and Bushy Park and the carol concerts in KS2.


Here are some quotes from Year 6 pupils:

“It’s really nice, I really enjoyed my time here!” – Ossie AJ 

“Stanley school is wonderful, they are very welcoming and have great teaching techniques” – Lily P and Leia B

Our time at Stanley has been the best time ever, we’ve learnt so much. We’re heartbroken to be leaving.


From Mr Hawley – who spoke to Year 6 in a final assembly on their last day in school
Year 6 pupils, I have only had the opportunity to get to know you over the last few terms and I think that it speaks volumes that so many of you have returned to school more recently. It proves that you enjoy coming to school and that Stanley has played a huge part in your lives. I know that you will be ready for secondary school and all the challenges that it brings. Remember that hard work and kindness will get you a long way in life!


I would like to thank the Year 6 pupils and parents for your contribution to the school during your time here and wish you all well for the future – I’m sure that you will go on to do great things!




Posted 10 July 2020

Gold Bubble are our Bloggers again this week. Our reporters are: Poppy G - 3MC, Jaidhan A – Sycamore, Stanley A and Zack P - both 3LT.


In the Gold Bubble this week, we have been learning new words to tell us about angles. There are right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. Acute angles are called a-cute angles because they are small and cute. Today we learnt about horizontal and vertical lines. A horizontal line is a sideways line like the horizon and vertical lines go up and down.


English was fun because we starting reading the Worst Witch. SPOILER ALERT: The story features a very strict teacher called Miss Hardbroom or HB for short. The lead character is called Mildred Hubble who is very clumsy and keeps getting her potions wrong. She has a best friend called Maud.


We do Zumba every Wednesday which is fun because we get to dance and do the two-footed, head-bangy move.


We had lots of discussion this week about moving up a year. All the Year 3s told the Year 2s what to expect from Year 3. We created guide books with information about what to do and what not to do next year. We made heads in art full of ideas, thoughts and what we like so our new teacher knows all about us.



Posted 3 July 2020

Gold Bubble are reporting on what this Key Worker Bubble have been doing this week. The Bloggers are all from Year 3 – Annie R, Drew B and Sam E (all 3LT) and Lila F-S (3MC).

This week we have been have been learning about bees and how they make honey. We were surprised to learn that honey is made from bee barf! The bees collect nectar from the flowers and swallow it into their honey stomachs and transfer it into other bees’ mouths, then regurgitate it into the wax cells in the bee hive.


In ICT/science, we made little booklets to record how our bean plants are doing – we planted x2 sunflower seeds which are going to grow to 1m tall and x2 broad bean seeds. Every morning, we water them being careful not to give them too much water. We measure them with our personal rulers and write the measurement down on the grid in our bean diaries. 


For Art, we made mini galleries out of cardboard boxes that we brought from home. We folded the boxes out flat, covered the boxes with plain paper then refolded to make a gallery-type box. We are now making mini pictures inspired by French artists to cover the walls. We will be carrying on with our Art by making texture rubbings and Matisse-style cut outs.


For our comprehension and English this week, Vocabulary Victor has been helping us with our usage of words. He helps us understand what words mean and helps us put the right words in the right sentence. We have read Window by Jeannie Baker, The Dump by Pie Corbett – all about fly-tipping and The Wyrmstooth Crown.


Every morning, we go to the ICT room to do maths. We have learnt what a perimeter is and have been practising measuring shapes with our rulers. We have also calculated length and width of squares and rectangles. After we have completed all our worksheets, there is time to practice our timetables on TT rockstars.



Posted 26 June 2020

Year 6’s Grey Bubble are the Bloggers this week … Hasna B, Louis C and Lily W are reporting on what they have been doing.


This week has been an exciting week for Year 6! We now know what play we’re doing and have been cast and have read through the script. Each Bubble is doing a scene from Mystery at Magpie Manor.


This week in maths we have been focussing on spirals and patterns. In English we have finished the book Holes and have done some comprehension work on the book, made a Wanted poster and watched the movie.


For our topic we have been learning more about the Maya civilisation and finding evidence to discover what happened during that period of time.


Despite the heat we did rounders in PE … with lots of shade and water breaks.



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