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Curriculum statement

  • Child and needs led based on holistic formative assessment
  • Core and wider National Curriculum the focus to achieve a broad and balance curriculum
  • May be a period at any time, where a specific area is focused e.g. Language immersion
  • Child attainment and progress assessed summatively through triangulating progress across three key assessments from Baseline (i.e. VABS, VB MAPP, NC) and other assessment such as SaLT and OT
  • We may retain PIVATS (similar to P scales) as an internal measure to understand progress for each child.
  • Where possible we map attainment progress against NC according the Stanley Primary school’s measures, where this demonstrates progress. However in the case of a child demonstrating 1B for an extended period of time, we will use a more sensitive attainment tool (e.g. PIVATS) to report progress.

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