Enjoy the Half Term break, everyone, and we look forward to welcoming you back at the usual time on Monday 6 June

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Contact Details

For all questions about volunteering or ideas for fundraisers, email 

Anything to add to the FOSP section of the newsletter, email 

Any pre loved uniform donations/needs, email 

Want to share something on social media, email 

Any other questions about events, information, email 

Ideas and volunteering availability for the Living Classroom -   

Or you can contact us direct through our Facebook - Stanley FOSP on Facebook and Twitter accounts - @StanleyFOSP


There are lots of ways to find out what we’re up to:


  • Come along to the FOSP meetings, usually held once a term
  • Read the FOSP news section in the school newsletter every Thursday
  • Follow FOSP on Facebook and Twitter 
  • Look out for FOSP posters around the school
  • Check Parentmail and school bags for letters and reminders
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